Hillmaker - An occupancy analysis tool

Hillmaker is a Microsoft Access add-in that can be used to create statistical and graphical summaries of
arrival, departure and occupancy patterns by time of day for systems having entities flowing into and out
of some location. The FAQ document is available here.

Hillmaker includes the following main components:

* an MS Access form based add-in that calculates the various statistics and stores them in Access tables,

* an MS Excel based spreadsheet that can be used to create graphs from Hillmaker output.

Hillmaker was developed in response to many practical analysis problems arising in health care delivery
systems such as hospitals and outpatient clinics. It has been used by operations analysts, management
engineers and other such analytical folk. Here is an example of how Hillmaker might be used.

A publication describing its typical use in healthcare is:

Isken, M.W. (2002) “Modeling and Analysis of Occupancy Data: A Healthcare Capacity Planning Application,”
International Journal of Information Technology and Decision Making, 1, 4 (December) 707-729.

A bit more information about me and this project are available the development section of my web site.

To get the software, go to the main Hillmaker Summary page.

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